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Artist Biography

Beti Kristof-Mohn, artist

Beti Kristof-Mohn, artist

I love my clients and collectors. For me, the most gratifying part of my professional life as an artist or writer is in spending time with my clients while discussing their vision. One-on-one idea exchanges are so important to the creation process, in fact, it's an energy exchange which forms an image from which I can create.


And that is why the human connection is so very important to the exchange of ideas. The eyes see - the ears hear, but the heart feels and interprets the unspoken.

In creation mode, the head, heart, soul, and hand connect an elegant expression of living in the moment while interpreting information and applying technique simultaneously.


My creative journey started in my youth as I learned the power of art and its great ability in telling stories. It never occurred to me at the time, but so much is revealed through paintings and mixed-media creations.


You can tell when someone has given their heart and soul to something they love. My creative studies have taken me from Art Center College of Design where I studied illustration; Hawaii and Florence, Italy to study painting at Studio Art Centers International (SACI); and back to California where I further studied with plein air artist, Theodore Lukitz. I have since created over two hundred murals and far too many original paintings to have kept count.


I am grateful for my past and new collectors who enjoy the creative exchanges we have shared and continue to be great friends and wonderful patrons. Thank you.



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