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Artist Statement

Photo by Roselyn Poon

As an Artist and a Painter, it really never occurs to me to be doing anything else. The canvas and paint almost take on a momentum of its own, a creation that almost completes itself. And like each day of our lives unfold, sometimes the process is not always without a glitch. I look at the art of life as a neverending canvas that keeps revealing more and more interesting challenges of growth and beauty.


As a mother of three, life’s canvas took me through many parenting challenges. My daughter, physically challenged was born without her left forearm. She earned her place in alpine ski racing. She traveled the international circuit and won several World Cup events and retired after three silver medals at the Salt Lake City, 2002 Paralympics. My son, an artist himself, was diagnosed with leukemia at a young age. He is a cancer survivor and now helps others in the health supplement industry. My youngest is attending university to become an aerospace engineer.


Every step we take in our day moves us towards our goals. Every stroke on the canvas builds the painting, and every life’s experience builds the person. And as life's journeys go, it has been a personal and spiritual expanding experience. The canvas, is my way to stay centered and thoughtful, working the details of life, stroke by stroke, step by step… creating beauty and stillness in a surrounding of uncertainty and challenges.

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