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Susan B. Komen Benefit at ArtisticLifestyles

Aspettare — to expect and wait… to be in hope of… is the name of my new painting on auction at for the Susan B. Komen event at Artistic Lifestyles, Las Vegas.

The theme is Pink, the discs are reminiscent of the effortlessness of being.

She is a ‘Persephone', the one who can emerge from the dark and embrace all that comes her way. On one hand is a pink ribbon to remind us how delicate life is. Her pink locks represent the innocents of youth and her pensive look creates an aura of being lost in her thoughts. She looks away from her audience.. she is alone. She believes she is alone, yet she has the world in front of her. She is in expectation, for all those hopes in life to live fully and truly, no matter how it may look to others. it is in our nature to be in hope, to be expecting miracles everyday… and to be in appreciation of those miracles as they come!

Susan B Komen benefit at ArtisticLiefstyles Gallery, Las Vegas , Nevada

October 14 from 5:30

Tickets $25.00 (may be more at the door)

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