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Teddy Bear Birthday

Laszlo Kristof, Artist with his 2013 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital sculpture for the annual Fundraising event, Las Vegas, Nevada.

April 22, 1987

Macko…was his baby name.

At birth at 10 lbs. 3.5 oz. he was the star of the nursery at Tarzana Hospital in California. In the crowd I could hear, “Look at that one, he is as big as a 3 month old!” I looked to see where the fingers were pointing and saw that the name on the acrylic bassinet said, KRISTOF BABY. "That’s my baby", I said proudly as I pushed my way through the crowd of new parents, grandparents and siblings of all the newborns in the nursery. The I.V. pole by my side, and fresh C-section stiches, I walked slowly, painfully and hunched, and I am sure the hospital staff knew they couldn't keep a mom in bed and they wanted us to walk a bit after surgery. Macko, was his nick name., meaning Teddy Bear in Hungarian. Laszlo is a strong adult name, but I wanted everyone to get used to the two syllable name so when we decided to switch to Laszlo it wouldnt be so difficult. Macko changed his own name on his 5th Birthday when asked by the nurses at the Loma Linda Hospital,. "Laszlo Attila Kristof" he pronounced himself when he was asked his name. He was diagnosed with childhood Leukemia. He spent three years with agressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and we travelled quite often after the first year in the hospital, to drive between Loma Linda and Mammoth Lakes, where we lived. All thoughout his school years, teachers have often times told me he lived life to the beat of a different drummer… I did like that and life sure had him dance to a diiferent beat. Today, at 28 years of age, Laszlo Attila Kristof has grown into a compassionate and sensitive human being. A pillar of strength for his friends and family and a talented Creative and a great friend and brother to his siblings. I am very proud and cherish the person he is today. On the way in his journey of discovery… but then again, hopefully that journey keeps revealing new paths and choices everyday... Happy Birthday and another new year to be filled with new promise and new heights! with Love, Your Mom

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