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Zen Koi Pond

Meditative, the word that comes to mind when watching the shimmering gold lily pads dance across the canvas as they reflect the various times of day light. The Koi, nonchalantly travel under the ponds flora, swimming off the canvas and then back onto the canvas as the eye travels with them in a circular motion.

My intention is to express my own meditative experience through my art. A connection to this experience is what I hold dearly as a collector of my art works is transcended to that place in time, of wonder, observation and meditation.

As the eye travels across the canvas, you will notice many nuances of color and detail. The triptych, titled, Serenity, Prosperity and Strength, are all virtues of the Koi folklore handed down from generation to generation. The beautiful markings of each Koi, have distinctive value, and personality. Owners of Koi ponds relate to this very special relationship between Koi and their families. I suggest sitting with the painting, in a room filled with light and openness. It is titled, Zen Pond, for it’s calming effect and reflective qualities.

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