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Rhythm of the Wind

One of my favorite paintings created several years ago now, resides in the Becker Collection here in Las Vegas. This oil painting is 60" x 48" and I loved painting it.

The inspiration for this painting was an abstract alabaster sculpture of Lotus by Sharon Gainsburg. We had an exhibit together at the Summerlin Gallery, called Rock, Canvas, Paper. Poets were invited to submit work based on the art with the guidance of truly gifted writer and poet, Shiella Paris. Rhythm of the Wind was named as it expresses motion and the movement of life 's creation. I rarely plan out how a painting will look finished and sometimes that is great... and sometimes 'not so much". I've stored many paintings of the "not so much" category and I am proud to say that! I think we need to self evaluate and look at what we create and ask... does it better serve humanity? Does it create a positive message? Does it make me smile from the inside? Can the collector live with it on his or her wall for a long time with joy? Does it create an emotional connection? There are many questions I ask myself and if in my gut and I are not in sync with an outcome, I put it aside for awhile and look at it with fresh eyes another time. This painting was a stretch of a sort for me. To abstract the petals and still keep it floral and organic. I felt rejuvenated as it started to come to life on canvas and loved the free form quality of the shapes interacting and connecting to each other. I had no plan, just a trust that the painting would guide me to completion. When I decide to sign a painting, it usually signifies to me that it wants to be finished. Maybe I will take a few more strokes or clean up an edge, but really my gut knows when I need to just start another canvas!

In Persephone and Polka Dot Shoes, art and inspirational book with Rhythm of the Wind featured on page 117 . It reads like this; Listen, Each time you pause, access, and respond with love, you are truly leading your life toward your destiny. You are opening toward your infinite potential.

Excerpt from: Persephone and Polka Dot Shoes, inspirational art book with 80 paintings by Beti Kristof paired with inspirational words by Janice Wilson. Design and all graphic layout by A.D Cook

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