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Pink Cadillac

PINK CADILLAC by Beti Kristof

It's a car affinity... Since I was a young girl I remember watching my father and uncle work on cars in the garage or drive way of the house we lived in east LA. It seemed they were always fixing something or another on the car - sometimes our car or sometimes my uncles.. Or a friends - and it seemed they enjoyed the process. I remember them debating on what procedure to do and feeling a sense of accomplishment for having solved an engine problem!

Sometimes they asked me to bring them a tool and rewarded by being lifted to peek into the engine while a flashlight was focused onto a dark area as they explained what they were attempting to fix. To be honest, I remember it was very complicated for a 5 year old, but I liked the attention and tried hard to make sense of it. And probably nodded at the appropriate times. Back then the motors were simpler than today and Sunday's were spent tinkering with cars, tweaking the engine, washing and detailing the car with wax and elbow grease! I enjoyed being outside with my dad and uncle in the sun as they examined their challenges of the engine, laughing and bickering taking breaks for cold beers and telling a joke or two while teasing me and sending me off to accomplish important missions...I think to keep me from being distracting and asking too many questions!

I do remember the wide rounded chrome bumpers on our Buick and as a child looking into my reflection and the reflection of the world - within the chrome and its distortions, appreciated the nice shiny chrome bumper and wheels.

Back to the '59 pink Cadillac - This painting was painted in oil and is 40" x 30". My thoughts were it would make a perfect auction piece for the Susan G Komen event coming up on Oct. 13. And two fold, it would be an awesome addition to the newly remodeled space for the spectacular classic car showroom and gallery at the iconic RailRoad Pass Casino!

I loved painting this Pink Cadillac because it took me back to the era of chrome, steel and Elvis! Luxurious and lavish these cars were all American with their long sleek bodies that looked fast while even standing still ready to rev up to take on the road in ultra glide lavish fashion.

It's more than the car- it is the lifestyle of an era that was simpler and elegant- where the roads were wide, the sky was vast and limitless, time passed slower it seemed - Bigger was better and grace was in the line of the design, and gas was only around 25 cents a gallon.

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