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Strength, Perseverance and Fortune.

The text from Jeannie, my new collector, read something like this; "Since I purchased the paintings of the Koi, I started getting phone calls from vendors with orders!" Jeannie believes that it had something to do with the paintings she has been thinking about purchasing for the last few months, since she saw it at the opening at the William Carr Gallery in Las Vegas. She fell in love with the triptych at the time, and now she is so happy to have them in her home, as am I.

The paintings, truly look amazing in her dining room with her Asian influence dining set. And as she texted me she also asked for the title of her new paintings. it occurred to me we never discussed it! I told her she would smile as she realized the appropriateness of the titles to what she has experienced innately, and what she shared on her Facebook.

"My latest addition: Artist Beti Kristof. I love it! It reminds me of the strong and beautiful women that have influenced my life. My mom, oma, grandma, aunt and my incredible daughter. Beti's work brings peace to my mind and heart."

— Jeannie F.

As an Artist, it gives me so much pleasure to hear such amazing response to work I had created. As a business person it also lets me know that my creations are valued and adds positive value to others.

Original art, I vehemently believe, has an energetic aura to it. I believe the paintings hold within each and every original brush stroke the embodiment of the intention and soul of the artist.

This particular triptych of the Koi was deliberately designed with the intention to share the interactive energy within community of friends and family. The love and interaction between beings and the natural peaceful sharing of paths is illustrated as the Koi,

and symbolically, we as people, flow through life and challenges as we go forth and gather... strength, perseverance and fortune!

One of the best parts of being the painter is when the viewer receives the message and intention without knowing the title.

left to right: Strength. Perseverance. Fortune.

24" x 24" each

artist: Beti Kristof

oil on canvas


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